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Before You Were Born:
Chico Women's Club


'Before You Were Born' is a series of made-up historical anecdotes and fake stories about genuine northstate persons, places, and things that never actually happened by northstate fakestorian Shelby Footnote. Any similarities to real people or incidents is comedy, dummy.

The Chico Women's Club
Corner of 3rd St. and Pine St.
Chico, CA

Often mistakenly called The Women's Center, which is actually our belly buttons, the Women's Club is a wonderful old auditorium with an interesting origin. John Bidwell had it built in 1887 to house his harem of Mechoopda Indian women. It being across Big Chico Creek from Bidwell Mansion and on the edge of what was then wilderness, he thought his wife Annie would never find out about it. But he was wrong. She and her stable boy Glen wandered up the creek one day, to discuss temperance and women's suffrage and have sex. While so occupied, she spotted John raping a beautiful young Mechoopda woman across the creek. She let out a yelp, John jumped off the woman, and Mike Hamilton and Verda Mackey disagree about what happened next. Mike says John crossed the creek and beat Glen with the riding crop he had been using on Annie, but Verda insists the filthy savages in the harem used their voodoo magic to seduce John, because he was the most virtuous and perfect human to ever walk the earth. All we know for sure is this building became a home for pregnant Indians called the Chico Women's Club and the grassy hammock across the creek became known as Annie’s Glen, named for the stable boy who is still buried there under the sycamores.


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