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Who Asked Ya?
Real Letters From Real People About Fake News

For some people every day is April Fools’ Day. I’m thinking of Stephen Colbert and the editors of Mad magazine, but we can add Liz Merry and Aaron Standish to the list. They’re the local husband-and-wife comedy duo who have been entertaining North State audiences for decades with their witty spoofs and comedy shticks.
They do to local politicians what Colbert and Jon Stewart do to the big guys, and they’re clever and very funny.
Check it out.
--Robert Speer, Editor of the Chico News and Review, From This Corner, 4/1/10

I hope to never piss you off or fk up in your presence.
--Joe Hammons, he gets it

You rock!!!!.....let me say it again, you rock!
--Weezie Campbell, cookie queen

--Sent five times by the same person in one hour, JUST TO BE SURE!

Very clever and quite entertaining for those that have relatively radical persuasions. Comedy and satire are potent weapons of the intellect - and much more entertaining than droll debates. But don't tell anyone I endorse or recommend it! I need plausible deniability.
--You Know Who You Are

OK.....You have exceeded your normal quality;
Your comment as regards the Church scandals;
"Who will fuck the children?"
Oh Gawd...you have brought much laughter to our household!
--Gordy O, father figure

Its nice to see Merry-Standish get the praise and recognition they truly deserve for finding the bright spot in any situation to make us chuckle. We need more of that in our lives!
--Brenda "Dave" Lederman, Santa Rosa

I was in the Vagina Molonogues in Chico. I like your interpretation better.
--Ellen Jackson, no sourpuss

Ah,the good ol' days! Thanks, for the memories
--Jacquie Winter, good ol' girl

As always, excellence in fake journalism!
--Joe Shaw, discriminating man of taste

You guys have been killing me for over 20 years! Thanks
--Kelly Beckman, old world Chico

You made my morning!
--Donna Garrison, easy after a cup of coffee

I love it!
--Louis Philippi Derr, free with his love

Too funny. You are sick....just....sick!
--Dr. Laurel Avalon

Ah fuck that's funny THANX !!!!
--Jamie "Never At A Loss" Ross

Your news is ALWAYS better!! Thanks for the smiles!
--Hilary Dilary Dalton, great at oral (hygiene)

That's like Shakespearian.
--Tim "Puck Me" Bousquet

You guys still slay me,even after what? 40 , 41 years? Keep up the good work
--Gary B.

Again, you have given me the truth in a way that puts a smile on my face. Right on.
--Christine LeBlanc, who almost always has a smile on her face anyway

It's dumpin here!  I been working around the house, but I'm just about busting to get outside. We got a pile of fresh shit from the worm farm and two dogs who want to roll in it pretty damned bad. They already got out one evening and ate their fill. Biscuit even cached a little pile of turds for later, I found them yesterday. She's so funny about caching stuff, all these little piles of bone bits and old chewed up sticks and toys. And, what look's like old horse turds, yep, old horse turds. ta ta for now ---xxxxoooo teet and the boys

I'm 79 years old..wishing ever so wishing for......69 again! Your Fan from the Bend Area (Location, not Gay)
--Rick Madrid

You make my head a happier place to be in.
--April Boone, a beautiful mind

You guys fucking kill me!
--Joe Shaw, From Outside the Box, NorCal Blogs

That is awesome comedic awesomeness!!! Hilarious. It makes me want to move back home.
--Rocky Rische-Baird, world famous artist

Thanks for the huge laughs.
--Barbara McIver, former Tehema County Supervisor

This is good satire, whoever you are.
--Ryan Sabalow, whoever he is

Dear Standishes-
Would you keep me updated on whatever you're doing.
Feel free to send me newsletters, dirty jokes or porn .
--Rick Madrid, seeker of knowledge

That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!!!
Have a great day and stay dry!!!
--Chita Johnson, Weather Woman, KRCR T.V.

Nooooooooo!!!!! Stop the e-mails!!!!!
--Person we fished off someone's e-mail list

I would think that Oprah and every other person named in that ridiculous piece of "news" should sue the crap out of Merry Standish for libelous and fraudulant claims. It's not funny at all and people that think it is humorous are sick and twisted. IMHO
--Posted by "Stop The Ignorance" in the Comment section of a story on Oprah's visit to Chico in the Chico Enterprise-Record, 2/11/10

you miserable sick fucks, i missed you!
thanks for the news
--Sherry B in Chico (short and Jan's partner....)

OMG!  So many laugh-out-loud laughs! 
--Liz's Mom

I would love to give you a hug for creating this hilarious "Breaking Fake News Alert". God Bless Our Republic.
--Don Bird, Patriot & Constitutional Activist

You guys are maniacs....and I love it.  I couldn't stop laughing and was disgusted beyond belief.  Thanks.
--Rosemary Febbo, Chico

Your stuff is pretty funny and to the point.
LOL--Anthoy Ortiz, Redding

Wanted to thank you for the laughs.  This is the way I like to get my news.  Keep up the good work.
Who loves ya baby--J-Fi

Long live local comedy!--Terri Petersen

  Absolutely hilarious! You are both gifted writers....I haven't laughed that much in a very long time!
--Marty Mathisen, obviously a smart man

Marinol goes pretty good with espresso.--Mike Callahan

Happy New Year. We love you two talented people
--The Grays, nice old couple who should know better

Damn that's great shit. I love it!--Ken O'Conner, wordsmith

Oh man, that shit is too funny.-Julia Murphy, lady wordsmith

That's good shit, Mrs Presky.-Gordy the O, banjoolismith

The story on Palin's appearances in Redding was hilarious. Thanks for the laughs!
-Scott Hamilton, probably not the skater

Good job, keep it up--Barry Clausen, Viagra spokesman

Good work!
--Rev. Junkyard Moondog

Thanks for the smile you put on my face and the cramp in my guts from laughing.--Christine LeBlanc Oswego, NY

Are you two STILL at it...? YAY!!! --Brad Stovall, private dick

Classic, down-home, entertainment--Patty Donahue, MILF

Gonna look here for all my Northstate news from now on. ;)
- Elizabeth Kieszkowski (Bitter Betty, byatch!)

You are funny f------s and I mean that as a compliment. However, if you use my quip on the dust jacket of your next book, change that to "funny fellers". We may experience a generation gap from time to time, but then that's show business.
--Robert Minch, ISayRedBluff.com

If you've never read the merrystandish fake news you don't know what you're missing. Onion quality work.
--Jim Dwyer, cries when peeling The Standard

It's about time the CN&R mentioned you guys and your newsletter. It is hilarious!! Reminds me of when national lampoon was in it's heyday. Of course, I have to sneak out into the garage like it is porn or something. Thank God all my years in the prison camp taught me how to smuggle contraband through a barb wire fence. Of course sneaking it and reading it is the easy part, it's the eating and swallowing of it that is difficult. You would think paper would be high in Fiber.
--Steve "Whatever Happened To Me" Ferchaud, unless he's not supposed to be