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"Pardon Me, Your Dagger Is Showing"

"Pardon Me, Your Dagger Is Showing"

Allen Standish Comedy Revue July/Aug. 1978 Mercy High Gym/Westside Grange Hall Red Bluff This is the very first poster for the very first comedy show written by Steven Allen Ferchaud & Aaron Standish Mathisen. It was a full-length play parodying the Batman & Robin TV show. It featured Captainman and his sidekick Cockatoo, The Boy Fairly Decent with a cast of a dozen or so (see the Cast Photos page) including piano man Roland Allen. The show was moved to the Westside Grange Hall at the last minute when Mercy High refinished their gym floor and told us God didn't want us scuffing it up. Art By Steve Ferchaud