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Merry Standish Gets Buttered Up
Saturday, May 8th on KZFR 90.1

Chico, CA

Old married, washed up, out of touch, never-won-a-CAMMIE comedy couple Aaron Standish and Liz Merry will be the featured guests on DJX's Chico Butter show on KZFR 90.1 Saturday May 8 from 1:30-3:00.

The writers, editors, and biggest fans of the online news parody site The Merry Standish Standard got their start in live comedy just about the time vaudeville died and had their own radio show during the Depression. They'll be mixing it up with spoken word guru DJX, who has one of the longest running programs on the almost 20-year old community radio station.

Merry is excited about being interviewed by a hard-hitting poet.

"Well, I guess it's better than a 'print media' interview. Whatever that is. It's just like those goddam good old days when we were performing," she drunkenly typed on her Facebook page. "I guess as long as we can bring a lot of prerecorded bits and a flask it'll be okay."

Standish is a little more skeptical.

"We've done DJX's show before and no matter how stoned I get, I still don't understand what he's talking about," he wrote in a fake Standard article you are reading at this very second. "And did you know his Christian name is DJAaron? Why would you change a cool name like that? Don't tell him I said that--I mentioned it once and he poetry slammed me into next week. He moves quick for a radio guy."

"Who's NOT named Aaron these days? Every hack comedian in Red Bluff calls himself Aaron," added Merry. "X is a very cool retro name."

"I'm looking forward to having Merry Standish on the show again," explained DJX during a lucid moment on last week's broadcast. "They definitely practice the art of the spoken word. Unfortunately most of those words still can't be spoken on the air, but that gives me something to get righteous about. Plus all the bleeps start to sound like hip-hop if you listen with your third ear. Humor can be funny."

Chico Buttah, hosted by DJX and featuring a rare appearance by Merry Standish Comedy, can be heard live on Saturday, May 8 at 1:30 p.m. Chico, California time (no, that doesn't mean you can wander in an hour late...).

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