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MSC Hour #2 - Merry Standish Xmas Special

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Hohoho! Me-e-e-e-erry Standish! Everybody's favorite time of year! Take time out from your hectic holiday schedule to have a few laughs with us. Includes, Liz Merry's Christmas Carols, Jesus Has Two Daddies, A Dickensian Christmas Carol starring George Bush and much more! Order a bunch for gifts, too. Can you think of a better stocking stuffer for Grandma? Neither can we. CDs will ship on Dec. 1, in plenty of time for the big day!


The Merry Standish Christmas Special
Written & Produced by Aaron Standish & Liz Merry in Manton, CA
With Lots of Help From
Roland Allen.....Announcer, Piano Man, Buck Poacher & God
Bill Poytress...........John McCain
Also featuring...John “Jingleballs” Bertoli

1) Intro - (:35)
2) “Psycho Santa” - (1:50)
3) Jesus Has Two Daddies - (8:48)
4) Liz Merry’s Christmas Carols - (4:53)
5) A Visit With The Wal-Mart Santa - (5:54)
6) Buck Poacher’s Holiday Hunting Tips - (4:13)
7)“Rowdy the Red Bluff Redneck” - (1:29)
8) Santa’s Mailbag - (6:20)
9) “The 12 Lies of The War” - (4:16)
10) Bush By Dickens! - (16:15)
11) From The Vault: John Bertoli’s X-Mas Stand-Up
(11/30/01 at the Chico Women’s Club) - (8:09)