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MSC Hour #3 - Stand-Up Standish

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Merry Standish Comedy Hour #3 is a collection of live performances from Aaron "Stand-Up" Standish. Recorded over 6 years at numerous venues, you'll probably hear yourself laughing on one or more tracks.

“Stand-Up Standish” is our ode to stand-up comedy albums from the mid-50’s (when performers set up a reel-to-reel in the back of the room and made an album out of it).
These bits were recorded using different “technologies” (VHS, D.A.T., Digital Tape, wax paper, Close-n-Play Cassette, etc.) at different venues (The State Theatre in Red Bluff, CA., The Chico Women’s Club and Duffy’s Tavern in Chico, CA.) on different dates between 2000-2006.
“Stand-Up” Standish was written and performed by Aaron Standish with help from Liz Merry.
A BIG THANK YOU TO ROLAND ALLEN (Your Announcer and so much more...)

1) Intro/Kissing Bug (5:11)
2) Teacher/Vasectomy (4:40)
3) Bike Riding/Animals (4:51)
4) Drug Dog (2:51)
5) Drugs Are For Kids (4:26)
6) Warren Tries To Leave A Message (:42)
7) Iraq & The Media (2:38)
8) It’s Not About The Oil (1:23)
9) Stem Cells/Clones (2:48)
10) Permits/Suicide Bombers (2:29)
11) Jury Duty (4:06)
12) Guns & Alzheimers (4:01)
13) Russian Gas/PSA (2:55)
14) Internet Chat (4:15)
15) Porno Shopping (2:26)
16) I Did A Stupid Thing (6:21)
17) Only In America, Baby! (2:09)
18) Closing (1:10)
19) John Bertoli as Aaron Standish (3:06 4/1/02)
20) Liz Merry’s NEW “2006 ‘70’s Rock Ballad”
21) “Rehab Man” Sung by John LaPado (2:11,‘96)
22)”Mammaries” by John LaPado (:42, 7/28/06)