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MSC Hour #5 - Merry Standish Marches On!

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Merry Standish Comedy Hour #5 (Merry Standish Marches On)
Mar 1, 2007 -- "Merry Standish Marches On"
Released March 1, 2007
Written and Produced By
Aaron Standish and Liz Merry

Stevie Cook...Frank McCork, “Duffy Boy”
backing vocals, guitar

Roland “Elton”Allen ... “Goodbye, Vickie Lynn”
Your Piano Playing Announcer and so much more

John LaPado... “Girl With The Dreadlock Hair”
w/ Michael Cannon & Greg Taylor (2/3/96)

Irish Music by the Pub Scouts
Go to Duffy’s Tavern (337 Main St., Chico)
on Fridays (4-7) and hear ‘em play the reel thing...

Merry Standish Comedy Hour #5
was produced in Manton, CA

1) Whistlin’ Hamhock St. Patrick’s Show
with Mary McShanty (21:50)
2) “Goodbye, Vickie Lynn” (3:48)
3) On The Road With Gladys & Vernon:
Mt. Rushmore (10:02)
4) “Wreck of the Exxon Valdez” (2:52)
5) “Surgin’” with George W. (2:56)
6) Jesus Plans a Funeral (6:42)
7) MSC Live Show Promo (Mar/Apr ‘07)
8) From The Vault: Hillary “Dice” Clinton
(State Theatre, Red Bluff, CA - 3/3/01)