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Man Not Stopped With Car Full of Pot on I-5

October 14, 2010
San Diego, CA

A white man driving his car at the speed limit with all his lights in working order drove past "all kinds of cops" on his way to deliver 30 pounds of primo bud from Humboldt County to the more lucrative Southern California market.

"I spent the night at my mom's house in the Bay Area. We had a nice visit," said the man, 32, an unemployed teacher who makes the Humboldt to San Diego run "a few times a year."

After delivering his cargo to a dispensary rep he went shopping for a new surfboard, changed the oil in his car, and had a nice vegetarian dinner. The next morning he drove up the scenic coastline and never even saw a cop until Half Moon Bay. They were searching some Mexican guy's pick-up. He got home to Humboldt and finally paid his vet bill before going out with some friends to see "The Social Network".


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