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February 2010 Archives
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Serial Killer Whale Beats Death Penalty
NRA:Concealed Weapons In Parks Law Too Restrictive
Airlines Extract Pound of Flesh
Former President Alexander Haig Dies
Tiger Woods Crashes Penis Into Whorehouse
Breeder Wins Olympic Gold--Gays In A Snit
Liberty Lays An Egg-Dick Cheney Eats It
Robot Booty Recall
Bird Says Nielsen's Gerber Home Is Space Ship
Going Retard-Sarah Palin in Redding
Gomer Pyle's Family: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Wrong
Kanye West Assrapes Miley Cyrus at Grammys--Yawn..
President Obama Puts Iraq on ebay
Old Dog Won't Share Anymore
Time Going Faster, Life Getting Shorter
Horoscopes by Merry Standish
Age of the Dinosaurs
I Can See Sarah Palin From My House
Clampers Amongst Us