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Lazy Cartoonist Avoids Real Work
Blames The Standard For Procrastination
Oct. 21, 2010
Corning, CA

Normally slothful Corning artist Kendall Mathisen jumped at the chance to avoid previous obligations by spending an entire day last week working on the "Good Grief, Jerry Brown" comic strip for the front page of The Standard.

In a confidential e-mail posted for the world to see in the next paragraph, Mathisen explains his plan.

"I'm in bed on my phone at the moment. When I get to a computer I will reply more appropriately."

He followed up hours later with "Here are the panels I have... I don't think all of them are necessary, but I kept drawing because I am putting something else off......"

The action runs contrary to the artist's usual philosophy of "That's a great cartoon idea. If I don't get back to you about it, it means I'm avoiding you."

The Standard apologizes to any readers who thought this story was about Steve Ferchaud.

Click Here to See "Good Grief, Jerry Brown!" comic strip


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