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KZFR Community Radio, 90.1
KZFR (90.1 FM) out of Chico has been the north valley's (and the foothills and beyond on a good day) only community radio station for twenty years.
KZFR Streaming Link is here
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Charlotte Sometimes
Our superstar niece, poised to conquer the world!
Steve Ferchaud, Illustrator
Cartoonist, painter, pen & ink guy, commercial sell-out (whenever possible) and co-founder of last century's Allen Standish Comedy Revue.
Mad Bob Enterprises
Cool art, cool songs, cool writings, cool guy.
Rocky Rische-Baird
Rocky Rische-Baird is the best hyphenated world famous artist we know. Nice, talented, prolific, and plenty weird.
Gordy Ohliger
Gordy is a world renowned multi-instrumentalist, accomplished in all the banjo style. He's a music history nut and his performances include minstrel showtunes, ragtime, jazz, novelty vaudeville, country & swing. He's been everywhere, man.
Guzzetti Gazette
Dave Guzzetti keeps everyone informed about Chico area music, arts, public events, food (the site is sponsored by Guzzettios), KZFR Community Radio, and more. If you're doing something in Chico, let him know!
Blue Oak Arabians and Connemaras
Aaron's mom's site. Beautiful pix of Irish ponies - many of them looking for a new home.
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