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Old Dog Won't Share Anymore
Stay Away From Her Beds and Food

Feb. 1, 2010
Manton, CA

Twelve-year-old Danger Girl, a black Lab/Chow cross whose Yahi name is Rug That Walks, will no longer allow the other dogs to sleep on her beds or eat out of her bowl. Normally friendly and submissive, Danger has been a real bitch for months now.

Artie, a three-year old yellow Lab/Great Dane/Elephant cross also known as Bonehead,Golden Boy, and R.T., is very surprised by her behavior.

"Ever since she went blind, deaf, and crazy, it's like living with Ladybird from 'King of the Hill'."

Artie's best friend Danny, a three year old
Coonhound/Cattle Dog with a touch of Snoopy and Goofy (aliases include Sneaky Pete and Danny Boy) agrees.

"She is SO strict now. Used to be she just wouldn't let us in the front of the truck. Now she's totally making stuff up."


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Buddy, the 11 year-old Cockweiler known by his nicknames "No, Buddy!" or Worst Dog Ever, has noticed other odd personality changes.

"She's barking at the walls and chewing on her feet. If she starts pooping in the house The Food Givers will call The Man With The Shot and put her in a hole in the ground. Then I will finally be King, allowed to stay in The House and ride in the front of The Truck. I can't wait."

The Food Givers have not told Buddy that his terminal flatulence will always keep him from being king.

On the other side of the fence, neighbor dogs and arch enemies Storm and Jewel aren't sure what to think.

"We still bark up and down the fenceline at her," Storm explains, "but it's kind of like trying to pick a fight with the first Lassie."

Danger Girl herself is more positive about her deteriorating condition.

"Where's the chicken strips?," she barked from one of her three beds, "Wait, I'd rather go outside. No, wait, I think I smell a mountain lion. No, wait, it was just the kitten. Can I have some cat food? No, wait, I want to go in the front of the truck. No wait, where's the chicken strips....?


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