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MSC Hour #4 - From The BareStage To The Bar Stage

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This special DVD edition of The Merry Standish Comedy Hour is a compilation of bits from the LIVE January shows. Subscribers receive this as their January installment, or you can purchase it separately. In other words, subscribe now and get this AND the next 5 Merry Standish Comedy Hours for only $25! Such a deal! Click on the 6-month subscription page in the store to subscribe online or by mail. FREE SHIPPING!

Special DVD Edition (yes, watch it on TV)
“From The BareStage to the Bar Stage”
(or, “They Look A Lot Older Close Up”)
Performed as a fundraiser for The BareStage Theatre
in Red Bluff, CA - January 12 & 13, 2007
Written and Performed By
Aaron Standish and Liz Merry
Jewel Fryer and Marty Trendler
Sound...............”Mild Bill” Poytress
Stage Manager..........Sarah “PG” Giovannetti
Special Duffy's Guest.............Roger Montalbano
Your Piano Playing Announcer and SO much more...
Roland Allen

Merry Standish Comedy Hour #4
(Special DVD Edition)
was produced in Manton, CA

1) ”Marty, Marty-Ho” (3:40)
2) Hayseed And Starbosom (4:59)
3) “2006 Video” (5:18)
4) Presidential Pillowtalk (14:23)
5) Rosie vs. The Donald (4:25)
6) Willie Nelson Song - “I’ll Never Smoke
Weed With Toby Again” (3:05)
7) Stand-Up Standish (11:28)
8) Liz Merry-oake “Stay or Go” (3:06)
9) Press The Meat (19:43)
10) Honeymoonshiners (8:18)
11) In Memory of John LaPado (6:50)
12) Roger Montalbano (11:14)