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Willows Student Regrets Storing Unloaded Shotguns Near School
Won't Seek Vengeance For Temporary Expulsion
Jan. 22, 2010
Willows, CA.

Strong public outcry and national media attention resulted in a 17-year-old Willows High student having his expulsion overturned by the Glenn County Board of Education on Friday. The Board admitted it overstepped its authority when it expelled the boy for storing two unloaded shotguns in his pick-up between an early morning duck killing spree and school hours on October 26.

The truck was parked off campus, but the guns were sniffed out by a private security dog who happened to be peeing on the tires.

The young man says he has learned a valuable lesson from his experience, which included being a centerfold in the National Rifle Association's 'Teen Long Guns' magazine.

"I'm sorry I left the guns in my truck. I should have brought them into the school and put them in my locker or something. And leaving them empty was a rookie move. What if some ducks had landed on the football field? No way I could rack a shell into the chamber without scaring every bird and most of the cheerleaders. Stupid, stupid, stupid."

Willows High Principal Steve Sheeple disagrees with the Board's decision.

"First it's an unloaded duck gun in a locked truck off campus, then it's AK-47s in the hallway. An empty gun is a gateway gun," Sheeple whined before drawing deeply from his inhaler.

The boy's mother is just glad the whole ordeal is over.

"I don't understand the fuss. When we were young everyone in Willows brought their guns to class. We hunted in the morning, shot squirrels for lunch, and settled arguments with pistols at ten paces after school. What's happened to this country?"

Board members who had originally imposed the expulsion, some of them still covered in tar and feathers, came out of hiding to change their votes.

Although most of the community is happy with the reversal, local ducks are still waiting for an apology.

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